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Cold cold rain....

Wowzers, it was really chilly today....


I really need to take things one frame per minute at a time. I feel im rushing to fast on stufff, it makes me feel as if im starting to forget who i really am. Just 4 more days.....this rain is cool but hella cold. I still feel unsettled in a way. Certain things that i should've done, or shouldn't have done at all. I guess im sorta over thinking it. I need more time to clear my head. Also, i really need to go to gravity hill in mira mesa sometime.  Im really aching to finish this canvas i started on the weekend. It something that really seems to ease my mind.







I got soul but im not a soldier.

Something to get me through this night.




Putting the pieces together.

Hello. How  should i start this? maybe like this...

Dear journal,

It's me, Ryan, yeah today was pretty chill, although it was very windy and cold. But hey i got to see my hun. lol. Ya' know, from the time of me confessing my feelings to her, to now, i feel as if some essence or i guess i could say emotional weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I could go on writing about how amazing she is or how cute she is, but i rather not because i feel im lazy and i will sound too corny. But i will say this, she has brought me out of this hole that i was stuck in for 2-3 years. I'm glad im able to move on from my personal feelings for a previous love and start anew. Geez, i really sound corny if i may say so. Just need to hang on a little bit longer, and then bam! comes winter break. I really need to start painting again.



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